A subscription box for your period

Monthlies make periods drama-free with packs of organic, plastic-free, eco-friendly tampons, pads and panty liners delivered through your letterbox each cycle. Look after yourself and look after the planet at the same time.
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Ready to get started? Pick how many items you want in your subscription and we’ll get them delivered to your door:

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A free cotton bag in your first box (while stocks last!)

Donate Monthlies!

At monthlies we are dedicated to helping those in need of support, partnering with shelters, schools and voluntary organisations and so we can now offer you two ways to donate.
On the left you can see the new Primary School pack that you can donate to your local (or any) primary school assisting girls to manage their first periods with respect and dignity in the school environment.
On the right you can see the pack we send to shelters and voluntary organisations to assist women in vulnerable situations to allow them to maintain their dignity and manage their menstrual hygiene.
All organisations tell us what products their clients most need, so we have developed each of these packs to fit each context.
If you would like to donate either of these packs, please just include it in your order.

Monthlies believes in protecting our planet, protecting your heath and using our profits to do good. So all of our products are biodegradable and made from organic cotton, meaning less pollution and less irritation. We donate 20% of all profits to causes supporting women and girls, both in the UK and internationally. Meanwhile, we’re using our collective voice to challenge the taboos and inequalities which still surround menstruation.