A January To Enjoy

by Sarah Hewett | Jan 9 2017

A January To Enjoy

With dark nights and cold mornings, a Christmas-weary credit card and fading hope about ever feeling the warmth of the sun again, it’s easy to let January get you down. However, we’ve come up with our 5 top tips to keep hope alive in January, while helping our planet and your bank balance. Alright, you probably still won’t enjoy it as much as August but it won’t be so bad!

Travel to work by human power!

Walk, cycle, swim down the canal (don’t), get a scooter, try a space-hopper, it’s all possible. For every 1 mile walked instead of driven, the planet saves about 150g of CO2 emissions, scale that up over everyone who drives to work and we’re talking tonnes plus fresh air and exposure to green spaces is known to increase concentration and boost the immune system. As well as the saving for planet earth, you’ll save your bus fare and do your body some good. And everyone at work will be jealous of that space hopper.

Have a good clear out and take it to a charity shop

Life is cluttered enough so go through the cupboards and if you’ve not used it in the last year, get rid. Research the great work of different charities to decide where to donate your stuff. Feel the warm glow of a simpler life and learn to really cherish the things you use most.


January has long been the haunting spot of fad diets and celebrity workout DVDs. We don’t believe in “one amazing trick to lose belly fat”. We do believe in nourishing yourself with simple, home-cooked food. Producing a steaming stew or apple crumble from the oven makes anyone feel satisfied. Invite friends round to share in the ritual instead of that trip to the pizza place on Saturday night. You’ll be dialling-down the spending and dialling-up the sharing. Aww.

Read books

I know, like what people did before they invented the TV, laptop, smart-phone trio. If you’re anything like me, you already have un-read books in your house, quietly waiting to be picked up and cherished. If not, head back to that charity shop and treat yourself. Take yourself and your book on a date to a coffee shop and turn your WhatsApp alerts off. Breathe.

Meet people in your community

Whether it’s singing in a local choir, going to that fitness class you’ve been meaning to join, taking volunteering role with the Scouts or just inviting some neighbours over for a coffee, the feeling of community can give you a huge mental boost. You might just be giving someone else a boost too.

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