A Period Puzzle

by Master Admin | Apr 16, 2017

A Period Puzzle

My name is Beabea and I’m 10 and a ½ years old.

Even though I haven’t started my period yet I am sure that I will have my family and friends to support me when I start.

Periods are one of the most important changes during a girl’s puberty. Each month as a girl or woman you will have a few days of bleeding from your vagina. And that is a sign that your body is changing from a girl’s body to a woman’s body.

It’s natural to be scared at first but do not worry. Your period tells you that that your body (and your hormones) are working properly.

Most girls tend to feel a bit shy and embarrassed about their periods, or wish that they didn’t have them in the first place. And other girls wonder how they will cope with all the changes. But you will have to go through it anyway no matter what you say or do.

My advice is do not worry too much and you will get through it much more easily.