Happy International Women’s Day!

by Sarah Hewett | Mar 8, 2016

We are all Wonderwomen!

It’s the day of the year when my Facebook newsfeed is filled with messages celebrating female role-models and demanding gender equality. There are some great campaigns happening which I wanted to share:

The Wonder Women of Plan International: these are girls who are fighting for their rights, overcoming terrible circumstances and paving the way for their communities.

Marie-Claire’s #ShowYourPlace campaign: turning the sexist saying “know your place” on it’s head, this hashtag is encouraging women to share their place, be it as doctors, politicians, refugees, mothers, chefs and everything else women are!

The Everyday Sexism Project this isn’t a new campaign for today but one which began in 2012 and has been highlighting the subtle sexism facing men and women since then. A quick look through is all the reminder we need that sexism is not a thing of the past, and that we need to speak up about injustices to see change in society.

What’s been happening at Tampon Towers?

I’ve decided to give Monthlies HQ a re-brand and call it Tampon Towers. So far, Tampon Towers is a set of book shelves filled with boxes of tampons, pads and liners. However, I have big plans to expand in the future, with thoughts about a library of feminist, business and environment books. Here are some of my top picks:

And remember, Monthlies donates 20% of profits to causes supporting women and girls and we’re smashing taboos about Menstruation. Read our latest blog about Periods all over the World to learn more about the issues surrounding menstruation globally and sign up to Monthlies today!

Have a great International Women’s Day!

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