People Say The Nicest Things

by Sarah Hewett | Apr 3, 2018 People Say The Nicest Things

We received a lovely email this week which sort of summarises why Monthlies exists.

From Beth Southward

I just wanted to message to say how incredible your products are.

I have a 12 year old daughter who gets very embarrassed by her period. The old plastic based pads would leave her cringing people could hear the rustling. We are now on our 3rd month with monthlies and she is so much more confident when her time of the month arrives.

For me, the environmental impact is what makes me happy. I'm an avid recycler and we live in a little village where eco living is a way of life. I'm always looking for ways to reduce our impact as a family on the environment.

Knowing that myself and my daughters aren't contributing to landfills, makes me all warm inside! so from my family,


Affordable, comfortable, and eco friendly, simply perfect. Keep up the good work ladies