Questions about starting a subscription

  • When will my box arrive?

    When you sign up for Monthlies subscription, your first box will be dispatched within 3 working days. This means it should be with you within a week (possibly longer at Easter or Christmas due to bank holidays). We then send another box every 28 days. You can pause your order by going to the My Account pages, selecting the relevant subscription and choosing Suspend. Your boxes will then be stopped until you re-activate your order.

    All boxes are sent by Royal Mail second class and designed to fit through the majority of letterboxes.

  • How much is postage?

    It's free for you!
    We include the cost of postage and packaging in the total costadvertised for each product, so you won't have any nasty surprises at the checkout.

  • Why do you only ship to the UK?

    As we're just starting out, we can only manage deliveries within the UK at the moment. However we hope over time to expand to other places too. If you're based elsewhere but really want a Monthlies box, email and we can discuss how to make this possible

Questions about the products

  • Do the products work like normal pads and tampons?

    Put simply, yes.

    You may notice some slight differences in the design (there are no blue swirly patterns on the pads and our tampons applicators are made of cardboard instead of plastic) but other than that, the prodcuts work just the same so you can be rest assured you'll be secured on your period.

  • How environmentally friendly are the products?

    We’re glad you asked. We use products and packaging with the highest environmental rating we can find, at an affordable price. That means they’re better for the planet (and communities) in their production, processing and disposal. All of our pads, tampons and liners are sourced from Natracare, you can read more about their environmental credentials here.

  • How environmentally friendly is your packaging?

    Wherever possible, we use completely biodegradable packaging, which is made from recycled sources. Currently our boxes are a minimum of 75% recycled board (we’re working on that last 25%). All of the paper we use, whether for labels, stickers or promotional materials, is from recycled stock and printed using vegetable inks. The only exception is for the address labels which use regular printer ink to allow us to turn orders around quickly. We also use un-bleached recycled tissue paper in the boxes and biodegradable paper tape to keep our boxes closed during postage.

    As well as keeping our impact on the planet as small as possible, we also really like the brown “kraft” paper look!

Questions about existing orders

  • How do I change my address?

    Simply log into the "My Account" area of the website, using your email address and the password you entered when you placed your first order. Next to "Shipping Address" you will see a red "Edit" button. Click here and simply in your new address and hit save. We'll make sure your next box comes to the new address.

  • How do I change the contents of my box?

    We’re not currently able to do this through the website, so if you want to change the contents of your order, you’ll need to send an email to We can only make changes in bundles of 5 (or else packing becomes very difficult!) so please think about which 5 items you’re going to swap.

  • I need more/fewer items, how can I edit this?

    Please email to request a change to the contents of your box.
    We can make changes to the quantity of items in your box and your monthly subscription payment will change in accordance with this, so for every additional 5 items you add, you will be charged an extra 75p.

  • How can I update my card details?

    To change your card details, just go to the “My Account” area of the website and log in using your email address and the password you set up when you first placed your order. From here, you will see your “Saved Cards” where you can add, delete and change the default preferences of your payment card.

  • How does payment work?

    Your first payment will leave your account on the day you place your order and each payment after that will come out of your account every 28 days. If you choose to pause your subscription (by using the Suspend option in the My Account area) your payments will be paused until you re-activate your subscription. If you choose to cancel your subscription, no more payments will be taken.

    Monthlies take no risks with your personal information. We do not store credit card numbers. Your contact details are stored on our own secure servers and are never shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

  • Can I have a treat?

    Excellent question! We love it when customers share what Monthlies is about so if you share something nice about us (and let us know!), we'll do our best to get some organic chocolate or nice tea bags into your next box!

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