Donate a pack to a Primary School


  • Choose where in the UK you would like your donation to go. You can read more about the charities and groups who work in each location below.



Send a full pack including 5 liners, 10 regular pads, 1 100% cotton string bag, 5 disposable paper bags and 2 pairs of 100% cotton knickers (age 11-12) to a primary school in the UK.

You can choose where in the country to send a box to. We are working directly with local schools to learn what products their children need most.

All boxes will be sent to you or your chosen school within 7 days of your order being placed.

No child should suffer discomfort or be forced to skip school due to the onset of her period. We are dedicated to helping schools manage this most important phase in a girl’s life with care and tenderness.





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