Donate a pack to a woman in need


  • Choose where in the UK you would like your donation to go. You can read more about the charities and groups who work in each location below.



Send 20 tampons or pads to a woman in need in the UK this winter.

You can choose where in the country to send a box to. We are working directly with local charities and food banks to learn what products their clients need most (either tampons or pads of different sizes), and we send them 20 of those items in a slim Monthlies box.

All boxes will be sent to the local service within 7 days of your order being placed.

Winter can be a difficult time for everyone, but especially if you’re on a low or uncertain income, it’s easy to get to a crisis point. We’re working with food banks, homeless shelters and women’s drop-in centres around the UK to provide menstrual products to women in need. When you’re faced with a crisis and need support, periods can be the worst thing to face and without the money for tampons and pads, they’re dreaded by women around the UK. You can buy a box from Monthlies, choose where in the country you want it to be sent and we work directly with service providers locally who tell us what products they’re short of and who distribute them to the women who need them most.

The partner organisations we’re working with are:

Birmingham – TBC

Bradford – TBC

Bristol – Bristol North West food bank

Edinburgh – TBC

Glasgow – TBC

Leeds – TBC

Liverpool – TBC

London – The Marylebone Project

London – Tower Hamlets food bank

Manchester – Monthly Gift MCR

Newcastle РNewcastle West End food bank and Hebburn Helps Crisis Response

Sheffield – Burngreave food bank





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