What makes Monthlies products better for our planet?

All products in our boxes are from the Natracare brand. Materials are sourced to meet high sustainability standards

  • ethical Protecting the livelihood, homes and health of workers and communities where crops are made
  • animal-friendly Not disrupting the habitats or health of animals, birds, bees and insects who make up ecosystems that are crucial for our planets wellbeing.
  • environmental Looking after the soil, water and air and ensuring low carbon dependency

Plastic Free

Did you know? Conventional sanitary pads are roughly 90% plastic!

Natracare is different. Our products are made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials including organic cotton, bioplastics (made from plant starches) and wood pulp. And by choosing plastic-free sanitary products, you'll have two positive impacts on the environment:

Reducing Plastic Pollution

The extraction, production and manufacture of plastics releases large amounts of toxic pollution into the environment. Ozone depleting gases such as Nitrogen oxide, Sulphur dioxide and Carbon dioxide contribute to global warming, acidification of trees and are human toxins affecting our health. All Natracare products are sustainably sourced and processed in a gentle way which does not release toxic chemicals into the environment.

Reducing Plastic Pollution

Every year, over 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of somewhere.

Sanitary waste is either incinerated, releasing harmful gasses and toxic waste, or sent to landfill. The plastics used in sanitary pads, liners and tampon applicators do not biodegrade at all, and will remain in the environment unchanged for hundreds of years. Waste will often be picked up by birds, or blown across land and into streams, ending up in the oceans. Marine wildlife is at serious risk from plastic pollution, as animals eat the plastic thinking it is food. Whats more, plankton eat microscopic fragments of plastic and transfer it all the way back up the food chain even on to your plate.

Natracare products are biodegradable and can even be composted!

Certified Organic

They use certified organic cotton to the Global Organic Textile Standard, for two main reasons:

Healthy for you

Choosing organic for your personal care products means are reducing your exposure to pesticide residues. A study,sponsored by the FDA office of Women's Health, published in 2005, found detectable levels of dioxins in 7 brands of tampons. Just a few parts per trillion in body fat cause serious health effects. Even low levels of dioxin give cause for concern because tampons come into contact with some of the most absorbent tissue in the body.

Better for Others


There are also enormous benefits for growers of organic cotton, many of whom are women. By engaging in organic agriculture, women gain their own income, and as they are responsible for the education of their children, this independent income is important. Choosing organic cotton avoid these women's exposure to pesticides, which has shown to cause serious health problems including infertility and birth defects.

Chlorine Free

Unlike conventional feminine hygiene products, Natracare is totally Chlorine Free. We use an oxygen bleaching process from hydrogen peroxide, which is the safest process for the environment as it does not release toxins into the environment. This water and oxygen process is used to destroy any bacteria in the cotton or pulp, resulting in the purification and whitening of the raw material. This is then thoroughly rinsed and monitored until the correct pH is achieved.

Whats bad about Chlorine bleaching

Chlorine bleaching creates a by-product called dioxin which poses serious problems for the environment and has been linked to ill-health. Dioxin is a known carcinogen and will leave detectable residuals in any product that has been bleached with any type of chlorine bleach. In sanitary products, this type of bleaching unnecessarily exposes women to low levels of dioxins every time they use these products. Furthermore, it settles in the fat cells of humans and wildlife, and will stay there for the rest of our lives, building up cumulatively over time from birth, so increased exposure means increased risk.

Animal Friendly

Our products are made with everyone in mind, including animals, birds, bees and insects. You can rest assured that all products are:

  • Free from animal testing. Neither the raw materials nor the finished products are ever tested on animals. Dermatological testing is always conducted on human volunteers under controlled procedures.
  • Free from all animal ingredients, or raw materials processed with any animal products
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with certification from the Vegetarian Society
  • Looking after wildlife in the fields where cotton is grown. It's estimated that pesticides kill 67 million birds each year in the USA alone, so by choosing organic you protect wildlife from the damaging effects of these toxic chemicals.