Your Health

The products we offer are known to be better for the health and comfort of menstruators than the equivalent products from major brands.

Skin Irritation

Our products are 100% organic, even down to the string on the tampons. Some women find that non-organic cotton causes itching or irritation around their vulva. This is likely due to traces of pesticides that have not been fully washed off the cotton. Our cotton has never been in contact with these chemicals so you’re less likely to experience irritation.

Our products are more breathable. There are no fossil-fuel based plastics in our products, and the natural materials in our pads are much more breathable than most major brands of pads. This means you’re less likely to get hot and sweaty when wearing a pad, reducing the chances of skin irritation so it’s a more comfortable experience.

We don’t believe in artificial patterns, colours or smells in our products as they don’t do anything good for your menstrual health. Our products are simple and work perfectly. Without artificial ingredients, there are fewer things which can irritate your skin.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

There is a risk of TSS from the use of any tampon, including ours. However, significantly fewer cases of TSS are recorded due to organic tampons. We include a tampon safety leaflet in every box which includes tampons, please read this for more information.